Sunday, July 26, 2009

Moving right along….

My Double Cinnamon French Toast did a fantastic job of keeping me full all morning.  We didn’t break for lunch until 2:00 ~ 5 hours later – love that.

I knew exactly what I wanted for lunch today and it involved two of my favorite Trader Joe’s products.

I started out with a slice of TJ’s 3 – Seeded Break and topped it with a little sweet & spicy mustard and 1 serving of their Spicy Marinated Mozzarella.


I put it in the toaster oven to get ally melty, toasty and a little browned.


Topped with 99% FF Turkey, Ham and some cucumber chips – SO GOOD!


To balance out my meal I had a cup of cherry tomatoes.


All together my lunch was 6 Weight Watcher Points (rounding up high) and completely satisfying!  I did pull out a Plurine Fruit to eat too but I am full so I am waiting on that.


I am moving right along getting everything checked off my list and feeling all accomplished.  I have our meals planned out and now I am off to pick up a few things for the week before I come back and spend some quality time in the kitchen cooking/baking.  See you all for dinner tonight!


  1. that sandwich is stacked! and spicy mozz? yummmm

  2. that is one bangin' sandwich!

  3. oh i love a good sandwich!! I had gotten away from them, but we bought some great fixins this week and I have been putting mushrooms and pizza sauce on there with it's like a super healthy pizza!!

  4. Janetha ~ Yup - it's like pizza with garlic, olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes - it's some fantastic cheesiness.

    Jenny ~ It was an awesome sandwich. I had been wanting to make it all week, but, needed to toast it in the oven :)

    RunToFinish ~ Oh, your sandwich sounds fab - I need to try that.

    Marisa ~ It's one of the few sandwiches I don't mind having 1/2 of :)