Thursday, July 2, 2009

I LOVE it when I don’t have to cook…..

I have had a really productive afternoon even with a 2 hour nap!  I think I am getting all caught up on my lack of sleep in Vegas and some blog stuff too :)  When The Husband got home he said he really wanted to go out to pizza.  I LOVE it when he says that and it means I don’t have to cook ~ plus I really wanted a good salad.  I LOVE cooking but it’s also nice to not cook….maybe I am still in vacation mode there :)

We headed out to Round Table Pizza (LOVE their pizza) and I made up a BIG salad with Balsamic and EVOO drizzled on top for dressing.


* Romaine

* Spinach

* Green Bell Peppers

* Cucumber slices

* Cherry Tomatoes

* Mushrooms

* One egg (I removed the yolks and only ate the whites)

* Carrots

* A pepperoncini

* A small scoop of 3 bean salad (my newest addiction – I might need to make this!)

* a few olive slices

* A sprinkle of sunflower seeds, raisins and 3 croutons

I was fairly content after my salad but then The Husband’s pizza arrived ~ The King Arthur Supreme.

IMG_8407 '

After ALL the pizza talk that has been going on lately and the fact that I LOVE Round Table Pizza, I decided to have a slice.


I slowly ate it while The Husband ate like 3 pieces – it was amazing and I am not even a huge meat pizza fan.

When we got home, I broke out a Dove Milk Chocolate filled with caramel for dessert.  I LOVE these as much if not more than the dark chocolate….I know it’s the caramel!


I LOVE the quote in this one and am thinking of keeping my wrapper! “You cannot discover oceans unless you  have the courage to lose site of the shore.” So cool!

I am so glad our weekend is officially here now – yeah for 3 days off!  I am off to blog some more, relax and maybe read a little before bed.

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  1. yum! we don't have RT pizza here but i went last time i was in cali. the salad bar was nice, the pizza was deeelish. love those dove sayings!

  2. That is a beautiful salad!

    I would have had trouble resisting that pizza, too!

  3. That is one jam packed salad - I like it!! Dove sayings are fun to read :)

  4. glad you got the night off and some delish food out of the deal :)!

  5. Janetha ~ they are actually one of my favorite pizza places around.

    Marisa ~ I wasn't super hungry when we started but there is just something about pizza that calls my name no matter what.

    K ~ Their salad bar is really good for a pizza place,

    Jenny ~ I agree - sometimes you just need that you know....although I haven't quite got back into cooking mode after vacation :) I need to start cooking more.