Friday, July 10, 2009

I missed out but I got a Free lunch!

Today’s Farmer’s Market Friday was seriously rockin’ in the office. I pretty much felt the need to get a little bit of everything! Check out how beautiful this fruit is……


Above ~ BIg nectarine, GIGANTIC Pluot, Strawberries, Blueberries, Rainier Cherries and pistacios. PLUS, an Aprium and an Italian Prune (aka Sugar Plum).


It was really hard to decide what to pick for snack, but, I opted for the cherries and berries plus the pistacios ~ so good! I really feel like fruit is at it’s prime right now – LOVE it!


Today I kept the promise to myself and headed out at lunch for a nice long walk. I am super proud of myself because I even passed on going with my co-workers to Mammarella’s! I knocked out 4 miles and I felt completely amazing and proud of myself for sticking to my guns. I really paid attention to my surroundings ~ the breeze, all the flowers, the smell of the dry grass and the cute bunny rabbit that SCARED me by jumping out and running in front of me :D….Should’ve taken the camera for sure.

I didn’t completely skip out on Mammarella’s though as I had my co-workers pick me up something new to try ~ Their Cobb Salad “lettuce, tomato, bacon, chicken breast, hardboiled egg, blue cheese, with the Brown Derby Vinaigrette”


For those of you who know me, I don’t do stinky cheese ~ bleh! So, I requested to have the stinky cheese removed and mozzarella added. Since the salads are pre-made when ordered to go they gave them a side of mozzarella. Next time, I’ll have them order my salad for their and get a to-go box because stinky cheese stinks up the salad. Here is my salad made-over with the stinky cheese removed and the mozzarella added.


I LOVE how they use a good quality chicken breast, grill it up and season it with AVOCADO!!!


The Brown Derby Vinaigrette is a creamy tasting spicy brown mustard vinaigrette that is light. I LOVED the dressing and used my fork to dip it with each bite.


I LOVE that they use bio-degradable silverware too ~ Two Thumbs Up for Mammarella’s for being environmentally friendly.


My co-workers came back with the COOLEST story to tell me. When they were ordering the Mammarella’s Manager came out and talked to them.

She asked one of my co-workers who she remembered from our last visit if she was me and if she had a blog. My friend said, no, but, this to-go salad is hers. They said the Manager was really nice and she gave us ALL FREE LUNCH passes for our next visit to thank me for my Blog Review. That is just so cool…I also made their Facebook Wall too – Click HERE to check it out ~ fun!

OH and they also got to see Francis Coppola himself *sigh* I completely missed out on my first Blog Celebrity Status Sighting (LOL) and should’ve gone to eat with my co-worker’s versus walking……

No worries though, I will definitely be going back and will have more to share with you all. Thanks again Mammarella’s ~ You all rock and it’s only your first week open – woohoo!

I also had my Farmer’s Market nectarine with TWO Dove Chocolate’s for dessert.

IMG_8829 IMG_8830

I decided to get a little creative with my Dove Dark Chocolate and topped it with a small drop of PB LOCO Dark Chocolate Duo! OMG ~ This might just be the best way I have ever had chocolate and PB ~ So decadent and delicious….smooth creamy peanut butter that tastes like a dark chocolate recess pb cup on top of creamy DOVE Chocolate ~ So good! I highly recommend you try this.


And my Dove Quote was perfect ~ I am definitely saving this one and adding it to the collection.


Here is some more FRIDAY FUN for you all!

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I am not sure of our plans tonight but I know they will include a little R&R and possibly some homemade Caprese Pizza….it’s just a craving I have!

Just a little bit longer and the weekend begins……yeah!


  1. that is some beautiful produce you got there, miss Danica!

    woo woo for free lunch! I'll take any free food I can get :)

  2. SCORE! I love free lunch! :)

    I'm right there with you on the stinky cheese...I have found ONE salad that I like it on, it's a Hawaiian Cobb salad. I forgot to order it once without the Gorgonzola, and I actually didn't mind it. Go figure...

  3. that is so cool that they hooked you up for your review!

  4. What a great restaurant!! Gotta love being eco-friendly :)

  5. Yay for free lunch - awesome!

    You are KILLING me with that pb&choc!!! OH MY!

  6. Dark chocolate and peanut butter. Drool!!!

    What a wonderful lunch and best of all, it was free! You can't get better than that.

  7. Hi Danica!!

    Its been a while, how have you been!?

    Yumm You guys have a farmers market at work..!? I am jealous-! The fruits look soo tasty :)

    Your blog always makes me hungry!! hehehe have a great weekend!!

  8. Your lunch looks INCREDIBLE! And Farmer's Market Fridays?! Sign me up!

  9. Ooh I love fresh fruit! And that's so cool about the free lunch. Can't beat that :)

  10. Jenny ~ I have to admit - this Farmer's Market Friday had the best flavored fruit yet. It was ALL amazing.

    Danielle ~ I think it's because your Hawaiian salad has so many flavors? Gorgonzola isn't too strong sometimes, I think? lol.

    Janetha ~ I know - so excited, but, bummed I missed it

    K ~ I totally agree!

    Marisa ~ It was a total random thought when I remembered my co-worker saying she would keep her pb stash at her desk - OMG - so good!

    Sonoma ~ It's so funny b/c I was just thinking of you the other day. I was going to tell you that you all need to add apricots to your list of stuff to make...that would be amazing. Ok, I am making a note to email you :) Hope all is well with you H!

    Nutritious ~ Lunch was delish! I LOVE summer time b/c we have a farmer's market delivery EACH WEEK! :D

    Anne ~ Yup - I agree with the fruit and the free lunch - so excited!