Friday, July 24, 2009

Somersault Fun

For today’s working lunch, I got brave and ventured out trying a NEW Thai dish from the Thai Kitchen called Hot Basil.

I started out with a salad toped with their coconut peanut dressing – SO GOOD!  I seriously think if I could find a way to fit my head in that square box, I’d lick it all up LOL.


I remembered to order brown rice this time too – YUM!


Holy Jalapenos!!! Someone should warn a girl that when you order "Hot Basil, your “veggie” is jalapenos.  This dish was eh, ok, I didn’t like how they used “ground” chicken versus chicken breast slices.  The sauce wasn’t as hot as it looks with all those peppers – it was a little salty and a little spicy.  I actually think I prefer the Cashew Chicken with the dried chili’s.


I ate 1/2 my rice and 1/2 my Hot Basil before heading off to our afternoon meeting.  After our fun filled presentation, my co-worker shared the story of her trip to New Orleans with the Clif Bar people, In Good Company ~ So cool!  I would LOVE to do something like that but I know The Husband is way handier than I am…We do make a pretty mean team though LOL!

After the presentation and video, it was snack time!  You could get beer and wine too but I’d always rather EAT my calories than drink them.  I made up my first snack plate of cheese, crackers, veggies, dip, some mushroom tart (only ate 1/2 – it was weird) and an artichoke that had garlic/blue cheese on it that I NEVER ate once I heard that.  I did have 2 more crackers with cheese….I think I could LIVE on cheese and crackers.


The next plate was a dessert plate.  That fruit tart was VANILLA BEAN cream filled – YUM!  I took one bite out of the pink and yellow things to see what they were – they were super rich white & dark chocolate truffles so I passed on eating them.


I had to be “Mikey” for my co-workers.  They were all wondering what the little brown containers were so I grabbed one.  For you Creme Brule lovers, you’d dig this – Chocolate Creme Brule.  I WISH I was a Creme Brule fan, everyone always raves about it…..I had one bite and was pretty much stuffed at this point.


When I got home both The Husband and I had Fun Mail waiting for us from the people at SomerSault Snacks – Yahoo!  He was so excited to have a package with his name – it’s the little things I tell ya.  They wrap up their packages so cute.


I got Chez Cocoa & Salty Pepper.  I LOVE the little characters doing somersaults on the front – so cute!


The nutritionals are pretty good and so is the ingredient list.  Here is the Chez Chocolate Stats: 

IMG_9533 IMG_9535

And the Salty Pepper Stats.  Each bag contains TWO servings and feels like it is loaded with fun treats.  Not too shabby!

IMG_9536 IMG_9537

Reviews on my two flavors coming soon – I can’t wait to dig in.  The Husband couldn’t wait to dig into his.  He got Sea Salt & Salty Pepper.


He picked the Sea Salt to try first.


And I of course stole 1, then, 2, then, about 3 more.  OMG ~ These rock!  They taste like dry roasted crunchy sunflower seeds.  I LOVE the flavor even if the actual size doesn’t quite match the package :)


But, wait….it gets better. You can get your FREE SOMERSAULTS sent to you too.  Click HERE to sign up and score some if you didn’t already the last time I posted it.

I actually cannot wait to get back to cooking and eating normal again.  One more day of eating out celebrating and then it’s back to healthy cooking and eats.  I actually miss it – funny, huh?!

Ok ~ The Husband is patiently waiting for me to watch He’s Not That Into You (ok, well, maybe not to watch the movie since I picked it, but, waiting for me to hang out with him LOL)

Have a great night all ~ see you in the morning for breakfast & maybe some Farmer’s Market finds before we head out for the day! 


  1. free food?! holla! thanks for the hookup girlie :)

  2. That dressing sounds amazing! What a yummy salad :D Thanks for the somersault link, girl!

  3. yay for packages!

    oh, and ima click on that somersault link now! thanks :)

  4. Jenny ~ Glad to share the FREE stuff anytime.

    Anne ~ I need to learn how to replicate that dressing.

    Swirly ~ Yup - hope you get your package too soon!

  5. those somersault things look so fabulous, i was actually looking at their website the other day because i saw them on CCV katie's blog. and plus i love the name. dude, VANILLA BEAN CREAM FILLED? 4 best words. ever. love.

  6. Janetha ~ I was actually pretty surprised at how tasty they are. Definitely sign up for your FREE sample. I figured the VB would get you :)