Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I got a FREE Starbuck’s Pastry

Happy Tuesday all!  Did you all make sure to get your FREE STARBUCK’s Pastry this morning?  If not, Click HERE to print out a coupon you can use today until 10:30 AM.

Since I “had” to take The Husband a Starbuck’s on my way into work, I made sure to take advantage of their giveaway.

I started out with a Venti Iced Nonfat Decaf Misto with Caramel Drizzle for 2 Weight Watcher Points (90 calories).  Not a good idea when going decaf because they use the hot coffee over the ice and it tasted like water.  I think I’d rather just spend one more point next time and get an iced latte.


I picked the Low-Fat Triple Berry Coffee Cake for my FREE pastry – YUM!  I LOVE this and it’s totally worth 6 Weight Watcher Points to me!



* Enter Bobbi’s Anniversary Giveaway – Click HERE!

*  Today is the LAST day to enter my Annie’s New Mac & BBQ Sauce Giveaway.  Click HERE before Midnight to enter!


Have a fantastic Tuesday all! See you all for lunch…


  1. free?! *must drive to starbies now!*

  2. Ahh, 10:30? Come on, Starbucks, it's summer, give me a chance to wake up first!

  3. we got the same thing at Starbucks! Well I got an iced americano with some ff milk and caramel drizzle. The berry coffee cake is tasty!

  4. mmm i love that berry cake! i didn't take advantage of the SB coupon but i am glad you did! i don't get up early enough to run places before work.. sigh.. i barely make it on time as it is haha. ohhhh that damn fruit pizza is 1% above you now, i need more computers!!

  5. Your pastry looks great! Yay for free food!

  6. Yum! I got my free pastry today too, I got an apple bran muffin, SO good!

    I voted for you! Yea!!

  7. I missed the free pastry at Starbucks, oh well :( Your choices look great!

  8. yay for free starbucks pastry!! sounds delicous too!

  9. We got the same free pastry. Yum!

    I had never gotten one of their pastries before and was torn on which one to enjoy.

  10. Jenny ~ I thought of you when posting this - hopefully you got your freebie!

    Tasty ~ I agree - it should've been an all day promo.

    Danielle ~ Yeah - like minds think alike - it's all about that caramel drizzle huh?!

    Janetha ~ You are so good - I need your discipline! I LOVE you - thanks for hunting down all the computers you could find.

    Priyanka - the berry cake was pretty awesome!

    Missy ~ I totally agree - LOVE free pastries!

    Lauren ~ YUM to the apple bran - thanks for the vote!!

    Ada ~ awww - next time I'll be sure to post it as soon as I know :)

    Jenn ~ Thanks for your VOTE!!!

    Peanut Butter - I am a sucker for just about any free Starbuck's.

    C.G. I usually avoid their pastries but now that they are making them without all the junk....it makes it easier to justify!