Thursday, July 2, 2009

Amazingly Good!

Happy Thursday/Friday all! I am so excited because today is a short day filled with fun at work – it’s Luau Day – we get to party and go home for the long weekend early - yeah! I have am sporting my super cool yellow plastic Lei (yes, I got leid today!) :D and my only sorta Hawaiian type dress. And then, my co-workers decide to take it to the next level – since I look so “tropical” – um, ya, whatever! they have me stand in the trees to take a picture for my blog. Sorry to scare you all but here is Jungle D – oh wait, Hawaiian Danica – so embarrassing! LOL.


Ok – so moving onto breakfast…..I decided it was time to bust out my Amazing Greens Superfood and give them a whirl! I picked The Berry Flavored Drink Powder to make a smoothie with this morning.


I have to admit – the nutritional stats rock!!! LOVE all the organic ingredients and it only adds 30 calories!


I know I am not one to brave drinking it straight up so I started out with 1 c frozen organic blueberries, 4 organic strawberries and 1/2 an organic banana. – ALL Frozen so you don’t need ice.


I opened up my pack of GREEN Super food and dumped it in. I have to admit, i got a little scared at this point and wondered if I had anything else I could have for breakfast in case this didn’t work out.


I LOVE how GREEN it is – the color :D


Then, I added 1 cup of Vanilla Almond Breeze and gave it a whirl in my Magic Bullet to come up with a fantastic looking “Purple Monster”.


I had my friend, Rachel try it first! – sort of like “let Mikey try it – he will eat anything!” I was scared LOL…..but she said it was really good and you know what, she was right.

You can taste the flavor a bit, but, it’s not a bad flavor – it’s sort of berry flavored, but, definitely not grassy or green tasting at all which I liked. I did learn that you have to drink it all at once because if you let it sit (like I did because I had a meeting) it sort of turns into a jello consistency.

I did actually get a nice burst of energy like everyone claims, but, not in a caffeine way – just in a I feel good, healthy and full of energy type way. I would definitely make this again, but, next time, I am going to use raspberries – YUM! I can’t wait to try out the other products now too……..

I have some fun things planned for you all today too:

* Get caught up on all your comments.

* My Vegas Recap – Finally!

* My interview with Anne Cain, Senior Editor of – she has some fantastic ideas of what you all can make this July 4th!

* My next giveaway announcement!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it all up and posted this for you all. Have a fantastic day and I’ll catch you all later this afternoon after our Luau!


  1. Great picture! And yum on the smoothie!

  2. aw how beautiful are you! gorgeous, girlie :) xo

  3. love the photo! haha you look so tropical. you are too cute! and i am patiently awaiting the vegas recap...sigh..

    i want to try the amazing grass! i need to get some.

  4. Luau day sounds like a lot of fun!

    I really want to try Amazing Grass sometime, too!

  5. you are so pretty!

    i keep seeing amazing grass, and I am dying to try it! I am so curious!

  6. Great picture of you! Luau day sounds fun!!

    Glad you liked the Amazing Grass - I still need to try mine! I've been slacking!

  7. I drank that Amazing Grass straight with water and it was awful! I'm so glad it was better in a smoothie. I have another packet to try out :D

  8. C.G. ~ Thanks!

    Jenny ~ Awww - thanks, you made me smile even more!

    Janetha ~ I finally posted my Vegas recap - yeah! I am going to be having an Amazing Grass Giveaway soon - be sure to check it out!

    Emily ~ it was fun - I like days that are like that - it makes work "fun".

    Julie ~ Thanks - I am going to jump into the Amazing Wheat Grass tomorrow for comparison.

    K ~ I am curious to see how you have your Amazing Grass - parfait style?

    Anne ~ I read that - your post was the one reason I was like ok, note to self to not drink it straight up :)