Thursday, July 16, 2009

I heart Thai & fun mail!

My legs were telling me that after 3 days of jogging after my jogging hiatus that Body Pump and more cardio would not be a good thing.  So, I decided to give my legs a break and have a fun chat session with my co-worker at Thai Kitchen!  It was AMAZING as usual!

I started out with a salad with awesome Thai Peanut Dressing – I think there may actually be a hint of coconut flavor in there too.


And, today they brought out soup too ~ cool!


I ordered the Cashew Chicken ~ I am so hooked on the sweet/spicy flavor of this – I really need to move on and try something else….this is just so amazing.  I forgot to order brown rice :( so I only ate about 1/2 my white rice.


My co-worker ordered the Chicken Prik – LOVE all the veggies in her dish.  I have to admit I was a little jealous of those green beans!  Wouldn’t it be fun if they used the purple green beans?!


And because we couldn’t decide on having a main dish of a noodley dish – we got pad thai!  I had a small scoop of this ~ so good!  I have leftovers for tomorrow too – yeah!


I really think it was the HEAT, but, we decided some fried bananas with honey and coconut ice cream was needed.  SO GOOD, but, I am sure you all already knew that!  I had 1/2 that ice cream and 2 slices of banana……then rolled back to work :)


Now, THIS was something NEW they didn’t have last time and I have to say I thought it was “ice”.  It’s actually a coconut jelly candy – the flavor is interesting like coconut plus coconut milk flavor….but, the texture – so funky! No gummy, but, sorta rubbery and it doesn’t dissolve – you chew it.  Funky monkey – not sure if I liked the texture…. 


Do you all remember last time we were trying to figure out the green stuff?  No, still do not know what it is, but, we did learn that they have Jack Fruit in the ice cream….fun!  My lunch kept me full all afternoon, but, I did have a snack while driving home in traffic ~ Some Annie’s Sunny Citrus fruits. Soft, fruity, good and gone in seconds…..I wish traffic worked like that!


When I got home, I had TWO fantastic packages waiting for me.  I honestly cannot wait to dig into both! 

The first was an awesome package from The Healthy Baking Company.  They sent EVERY flavor of their VEGAN Heart Thrive Energy Bars.  I LOVE the shape – little hearts and that you get TWO in a package.  The ingredient list is awesome and they even list the Weight Watcher Points on each one ~ LOVE that!  I now know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow – woohoo!  Reviews and more coming soon!

IMG_9210 IMG_9215

The second package was from POM wonderful!!!  They sent me 8 of the cutest 8 oz 100% POM Juice bottles!  I can already see some POM Spritzers and POM Chicken recipes using this fantastic juice.  I will definitely be providing you all with some reviews, uses and recipes, health benefits and more on POM soon.

IMG_9212 IMG_9214

Coming up next, my fun Farmer’s Market date with The Husband!!!

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  1. Yum, I love thai food. And that pad thai looks fantastic! So cool that you got Pom and heart thrive bars :)

  2. I want to try those heart thrive cookies so bad! I can't find them anywhere!!

  3. oh i heart thai toooo! i love the banana/ice cream dessert, whenever i have gotten it at thai restaurants i have loved it!

  4. aw those bunny fruit snacks are cute!

  5. Wow, that Thai food looks so vibrant and fresh!
    I've tried one of the Heart Thrive varieties (apple?), and it was delish. Can't wait to hear what you think of the others.

  6. Danielle ~ I have totally been dyng to try them - I cannot wait to dig in.

    Anne ~ I LOVE pad thai too - it's so good. I haven't made it in awhile, I should :)

    K ~ Have you tried Whole Foods or checking their site to see where they are sold?

    Janetha ~ I think I LOVE any dessert that has banana in it and I am learning now that I LOVE Thai!

    The Actor's Diet ~ Thanks - they are super cute.

    Caroline ~ Ohhhh, good to know. I am going to start with apricot tomorrow - I'll let you know how it is.