Sunday, July 5, 2009

Larry’s Produce ~ The “Daily” Farmers Market

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday as much as I am.  I took the morning off from blogging to make a serious dent in my todo list.  I started off by checking out my new Weight Watchers meeting only to find out that the leader I met at the Farmer’s Market is not going to be there anymore :(  We had a substitute who was pretty good though and the topic was fun!


We all got a color crayon of our choice and were presented with a challenge for July ~ The Fruits & Vegetable Challenge.  The goal is to focus on getting in 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  I am going to focus on this and see how I do.

I really wasn’t feeling like much for breakfast so I settled for a simple bowl of Nature’s Path Organic Flax Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal with 1/2 c fat free milk.


I LOVE this cereal because it has so many different flavors and crunch!


The next stop was Larry’s Produce!  They are open every day so if you miss out on the farmers market like I did, you can still stock up.

I have never been here but have heard so much about how people can fill up their entire bag full of stuff for super cheap.  It’s a fun place that they give you a wheel barrel or bucket to put your produce in.  They have EVERYTHING you can imagine and you can pick from their bins of pick your own.

Check out how HUGE these banana squash are ~ they are the size of watermelons!  I didn’t buy one but thought it was entertaining.


I bought ALL of this PLUS 5 ears of corn (not pictured) for only $12.68 ~ Awesome!!! 



* 4 Lychee to try (they are the star shaped circles)

* 5 bananas

* 1 gigantic papaya

* 7 or 8 BIG mushrooms (for grilling)

* 2 Yellow Mangos

* 1 regular mango

* 2 green and 1 red bell peppers

* 1 gigantic sweet potato/yam

* 5 limes and 4 lemons

* 1 bunch green onions

* 1 bunch cilantro

* 5 ears corn

Believe it or not, I didn’t even come close to buying everything they had.  I really wanted to buy their Cantaloupe @ $1 each, Watermelon @ $5 each, Pineapple @ $2.50 each, plus a ton of other fruits and veggies.  But, since I’ve been rebelling against cooking for like a week we have a TON of stuff to use up.  I will definitely head back there since they are open DAILY – yeah!

We also stopped at the local BBQ stand next door and picked up BBQ Tri Tip Sandwiches.  The smell of them smoking their meats did The Husband and I in ~ it smelled amazing. 

The presentation is sort of interesting and I wish I took pictures of everything.  They gave you a side of BBQ sauce and 2 slices of like Wonder Bread or Whole Wheat Bread, plus a ton of sliced tri tip.


Baked Beans (which I am pretty sure they are Bush Vegetarian Baked Beans :)


And your choice of cole slaw or potato salad.


All together this is one serious plate of BBQ (the sauce & bread are not pictured).


I ate all my beans, had a few bites of slaw (not so good) and took 4 slices of meat plus bbq sauce on my wheat bread.  It was pretty tasty and definitely hit the spot.

I am off to continue working on my todo list.  Be sure to check back tonight because guess what ~ I am finally cooking again!!! I am making Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Shells however I will include a vegetarian option!

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  1. Awesome produce!!! I'm so impressed.

  2. good luck on your fruits and veggies challenge, girl!

  3. I'm jealous of the produce find! I wish we had those here!!

  4. Why don't you apply to be a WW leader? I've never met anyone as motivated or motivating as you!

  5. Looks like great fresh fruits and veggies! What is a banana squash? Never had those before!

  6. I will join in with that challenge :-)

  7. Oooh I wish we had a produce store like that around here! I've never heard of a banana squash before--that's crazy they were so huge. Great fruit+veggie haul, and good luck on that challenge.

  8. dang that is such a good produce haul! oh and i forgot to link back to your giveaway.. ima go edit my post now!

  9. Haha love the "Lettuce Color Your Plates" sign.
    Awesome produce stash!

  10. Aimee ~ Thanks, I was impressed at their selection. If I could eat more, I would have bought more for sure!

    Jenny ~ Thanks - I think it will help me be more mindful of fitting them all in.

    Emily ~ Maybe the farmer's markets by you might carry some of them?

    Julie ~ woohoo - glad you are in! This is the best time of year since it seems like everything is in season.

    Anne ~ I've heard of banana squash but never seen them. I had no idea they were THAT huge. Imagine how many squash fries you could get out of one of those! :)

    Janetha ~ Awww - thanks for thinking of me and linking back.

    Broccoli ~ I LOVED the topic and it was fun. She had this awesome colored vegetable chart that had all the vegetables listed by color. I NEED to find one of those!