Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I had a Peanut Butter Party!!!

This is definitely a post you do not want to miss!  I am not sure which party is better honestly ~ My Holey Donuts Party or My PB Party ~ Both are fantastic and I highly recommend you all have them :D !!

While working away today the package that my co-workers and I ordered from PB Loco finally arrived!!!!


We divided up the order so we each got TWO Peanut Butters.  You can do the same and score a FREE JAR deal that PB Loco is offering my readers. All you have to do is buy 5 jars and you get the 6th jar FREE. Now for one person that seems like alot, but, do, what we did. There are 3 of us so we each picked 2 jars each and will share the cost of only 5 jars – not a bad deal, right?! Just go to pbloco.com and order 6 ore more jars and use this code “BLOG709” when checking out. Offer is good until July 10, 2009! 

Here are the TWO I picked.

White Chocolate Raspberry


Check out the White Chocolate Chunks you can see on the bottom!


Now here is the fantastic surprise I discovered once I opened it.  There are ACTUAL Raspberries IN the peanut butter along with TONS of White Chocolate! Fantastic!


Sumatra Cinnamon Raisin


You can see the Cinnamon and the Raisins in the bottom of the jar, just waiting to be mixed together with the creamy PB.  It is LOADED with BIG Plump Raisins!

IMG_8654  IMG_8671

But, you know half the fun is SHARING!  So of course we opened ALL the jars and sampled away.  I did keep my tastes super small ~ 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp.  Here are the other flavors.

Dark Chocolate Duo


Which looked surprisingly different on the bottom than what I would have thought.  I expected it to be all chocolate throughout.  However, I have to admit, I was digging seeing BIG chocolate chunks!


Opening the jar made all our mouths drop!  Rich chocolate goodness plus peanut butter plus chocolate chunks – Here is the “layer” of chocolate on top of the jar.


The Final Flavor was Cocoa Banana ~ Banana + pb+chocolate = LOVE!


I LOVED what I saw when I opened the jar ~ smooth creaminess with a ton of layers of flavor and fun!



* My personal favorite out of these is the Dark Chocolate Duo ~ It’s fantastic and I could easily eat this from the jar.

* I thought I’d LOVE the Cinnamon Raisin the best and I do love the cinnamon/pb combo. However, I can taste the saltiness since I usually eat nut butters without anything in them but nuts.

* We all agreed the White Chocolate Raspberry was tasty and my other 3 co-workers who tried it do not even like White Chocolate. Now that says something.

* I was impressed with the Cocoa Banana. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the combo due to the banana flavoring that would be added. However, it reminds me of having chocolate peanut butter on laffy taffy. It’s super creamy and rich without an overpowering banana taste. I bet it would be FANTASTIC in baking.

My TWO Favorite PB & Co PB’s are:

My TWO favorite PB Loco PB’s are:

As I am sure you all guessed ~ we LOVE PB Loco and PB&Co! To me here is the main difference between the two brands. If you like a “saltier” peanut butter go with PB Loco. If you like a sweeter peanut butter go with PB& Co

Honestly though ~ either route you go, I honestly believe that they are worth it and a fun alternative to regular nut butter.  I bet they are amazing to BAKE with! 

I plan on ordering them ONLINE when my stash runs out since I cannot find them in stores near me.

As you can guess, I needed a little something to go with all my peanut butter.  So I portioned out a small 1 Weight Watcher Point of TJ’s Cinnamon Cats – Love these little guys!


After all the pb consumption, I knew a workout was in order!

When you can do nothing else, just walk!  I heard someone say that one time and it really stuck with me.  I have sort of been in an exercise funk lately as in NOTHING sounds good to do.  I usually resort to trying a new class (nope – didn’t appeal) or rotating on cardio equipment (hah!) or just doing a fun DVD (um, no!)  I told myself that I WAS working out today no matter what…when I walked outside – it was AMAZING!  There was a slight breeze and it was only in the mid 80’s….so, that is what I did – I walked and walked!  It was probably the most therapeutic walk I have ever taken.  I really paid attention to my surroundings as though I was looking through a camera lens.  I WISH I had my camera so I could have shared it with you all.  When all was said and done, I completely 4 miles and burned 414 calories – woohoo!

I came back to one of the best lunches ~ I know I say that alot, but, this lunch was amazing.  I was seriously sad when it was all over :(

Peanutty Broccoli Slaw


2 c colorful Rainbow Slaw

2 Tbsp TJ’s Spicy Lowfat Peanut Vinaigrette

Freshly Ground Pepper

FANTASTIC!  Just when I didn’t think it could get any better, I had two leftover Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Shells ~ MMMMMMM!


I really think these get better the next day – so good, I highly recommend them.  All together with my favorite Penguin Fizzy Water.


For dessert, I had a “cherry plum” ~ I am really not sure what they are called.  We have a bunch of these trees outside our office and I brought a couple in for my co-worker to try.


Check out how amazingly red they are on the inside.  They are so sweet and then you bite into the skin and it’s super tart.  It was a fun ending to my meal.


Tonight’s agenda is super fun!

* Check out NY&Co ~ The first Tuesday of every month they have 15% off for gold members. Plus I have a 25% off coupon and a $25 reward to use ~ yeah!  Now hopefully I can find something.

* Grilling fun…..Plus Healthy Homemade Onion Rings!

* Put up my interview post already :D

Be sure to enter my Amazing Grass Giveaway……it ends tonight at midnight!

Catch you all later tonight!


  1. ohhhh those PBs look so good! we have them in stores here but i can't justify buying more nut butta before i finish some up, haha. loving the slaw salad as well!

  2. that's it - i am definitely calling one of my girlfriends and demanding they split a PB order with me!

  3. That PB loco looks amazing! Thanks for the tip. :-)

  4. Thanks so much for those reviews! I recently received the cookie dough flavor and it's sooo good, but I want to try their others! I couldn't decide between the banana flavors (regular or cocoa) or the white chocoalte raspberry. I was scared the cocoa banana would taste too chocolately, and you wouldn't be able to taste any banana. But now I may just try that one out!

  5. now that is a rockin party....i agree on the walking thing. you stroll, girl!

  6. Wow, such decadent flavors--they all sound so good!

  7. Janetha ~ I totally agree - between what I ordered and what you sent me I have pb overload :) It's a good thing though...I mean to be stocked up, but, maybe not so much to have so many open jars around :D lol.

    Jenny ~ You totally need to - it's fun to share AND you can possibly try all the flavors if you all agree to order them. It's worth it.

    Emily ~ No problem - hope it helped you decide which to try.

    Heyitstay ~ I tried the pb cookie dough FIRST too - so amazing! I think you will love the banana ones and should try them. I'd put them before the white chocolate probably :)

    The Actor's Diet ~ Thanks - I LOVE walking and need to remember it burns calories all the same. It's definitely better than doing nothing at all and it's still a great workout if you push it!

    Broccoli ~ They are ALL so good - you need to make that pb list longer now :) LOL