Thursday, July 2, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

We all had a fantastic time in Las Vegas!  We opted out of going to the Grand Canyon as we heard it would take 5 hours to drive one way.  We are going to save this for another trip.

I think the best way to share our experience is through a picture recap.  You can find all our pictures in our Shutteryfly Album by clicking HERE.

I was super excited at the airport to see that they have a place that serves VEGAN eats!  You could order your Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Taco or what not with veggies plus beans or with tofu.  I ordered two chicken tacos with guacamole though :) LOL….but, STILL I was excited to see it. 

I also picked up one of the funniest juice smoothies I’ve ever had ~ A "Naked” Superfood Smoothie.  It was actually a bit thick for me and I only had about 1/2 of it, but, I really enjoyed reading the bottle.


On the plane and ready to gooooo!  The Husband looks super cute sporting his Cal Bears wear and I look completely how I felt – sick! :)


On both trips we had a few plane snacks – YUM, I heart Popchips and these 50 calorie pouches!

IMG_7958 IMG_7954

We stayed at our Timeshare at the Wyndham Grand Dessert ~ I HIGHLY recommend staying here if you are ever in Las Vegas as their rooms rock. They are like mini condos complete with mini Kitchens, laundry room in your room and whirlpool bath tubs!

The dining room and the living room (there is a mini couch I didn’t snap)


Our kitchen with mini appliances


The Bedroom


We took complete advantage of our mini kitchens to stock up on breakfast foods and late night snacks.  Here is a sampling of some of the things we made each morning for breakfast.  I had a bunch of fruit, yogurt and smoothies too

IMG_7983  IMG_8087 

Two places stand out as my FAVORITE for eating there.  Buffalo Wild Wings where they make 16 different flavored sauces you can get on your chicken, wrap, salad, sandwich, flat bread pizza!  We ALL agreed that their sauces were fantastic.  I meant to buy one and forgot so I might just have to order it.  I had a wing and a BBQ Chicken Margherita flat bread pizza with a salad – YUM!  The Husband said his Buffalo Chicken Wrap was the best wrap he has ever had in his life LOL.

IMG_7977IMG_7972IMG_7975 IMG_8093  

The other place was the Rain Forest Cafe!  This place is soooo cool in their decorations and experience.  They make it like you are eating in a rain forest with animals all around and a “thunder” storm every 20 minutes.  I LOVED their unique combination of flavors ~ I had a grilled sirloin with coconut shrimp and jungle sauce plus shrimp scampi.  The Jungle Sauce completely tasted like the Curry Dressing I make – fantastic!

We enjoyed a couple of shows too.  The first up was the Tournament of Kings – where the knights “battle” each other on their horses.

And you eat your entire meal with your hands med-evil style!


We also watched the FREE Treasure Island show.  I was sort of surprised to see how this has changed since the last time we were there.  Before it was Pirates of the Caribbean like where they fought each other.  Now it’s like “adult” dancers that strip and such – still entertaining but I wonder how many parents wanted to cover their kiddos eyes :) LOL

The Husband’s sis is crazy – she wanted to ride the rides at the top of the Stratosphere.  The Stratosphere is 1,149 feet up in the air – something like 109 elevator floors and the rides hang over the edge!  I gladly sat on the side and took pictures.  I made sure to snap The Husband’s picture holding her purse (I’m mean! :D LOL……

 IMG_7988IMG_7987  IMG_7991 IMG_8010IMG_8001 IMG_8017

We did a TON of walking ~ I logged between 25,000-28,000 steps each day – yahoo!  We didn’t find out about the unlimited rides all day on the Deuce (double decker buses) until the last day – it’s only $7 ALL day!  We saw the inside and outside of almost every casino on the strip which is about 4 miles long each way.

A few casinos during the day.  Yes, The Husband’s sis and her hubby rode that scary looking ride at New York New York too!

IMG_8211  IMG_8102 IMG_8106  IMG_8118 IMG_8117

The Casinos and the Strip at night!

IMG_8181 IMG_8058 IMG_8063 IMG_8064 IMG_8065 IMG_8066 IMG_8177 IMG_8179 

I think one of the best parts of going to Vegas is to walk inside and out of the casinos.  The insides are just as amazing as they are on the outside.

 IMG_8024  IMG_8027 IMG_8067 IMG_8208IMG_8068   IMG_8121 IMG_8122 IMG_8175 IMG_8182  IMG_8209

Street performers are all over, but, not as much as in San Francisco.  These spray can painters are amazing!  They just use spray cans and paper to create this artwork in like 10 minutes or less – crazy!

IMG_8051IMG_8047 IMG_8057   IMG_8050

Stone man with REAL birds!

IMG_8070 IMG_8071

The Husband’s sis with Little Elvis!  Ok in all fairness, she is 6 foot tall, but, still – so funny!



The Beatles Experience – this would be soooo cool to have this little walk way in your house to boogie.

IMG_8031 IMG_8032

The Husband being his clowny self – it was soooooo HOT there! I think we all drank a ton of water. I LOVE that he sported his Annie’s shirt there that said “totally natural, totally delicious” on the back – ha!


The Venetian ~ I was playing with my camera settings and freaked out when I thought I had it stuck in this mode :)

 IMG_8200 IMG_8201

The Husband with Benny Binion ~ The owner of Binion’s where the World Series of Poker started!


Downtown Las Vegas ~ Fremont St.  I have to say I LOVE old town the best – it’s CLEANER and nicer and I just love the feel of the old casinos (plus we won $$ there so that helps!)

I think that hits the highlights of our long weekend in Las Vegas!  It was a good time even if we were on the go the whole time. 

Have any of you ever been to Las Vegas?  What was/is your favorite thing about going? I need to remember to check it out next time!


  1. I haven't been to Vegas since I graduated from college (2000), I think it's about time to plan a return trip. :)

  2. yaaaay! loved this post, every last word and every last photo! geez where do begin? oh 360 burritos is bomb! do you not have that near you? we don't have it here but my sister does and she lives in the bay area. i love their stuff, so many burrito options!

    so many steps! i bet you are kind of glad you didnt find out about the bus til the last day, no? i mean that is some serious exercise! and its nice to see the sights as you walk, as long as your shoes are comfy ;)

    ahhh all the photos make me want to go to vegas! i havent been in.. oh.. i think its been over a year now! craaap.

    thanks for the recap, really enjoyed it! xoxo

  3. Danielle ~ You definitely need to go back and check it out - it's soooo different and we just went like 3 years ago.

    Janetha ~ So it was worth the wait?! :) You know I need to see if they have the 360 Burritos around here because it was awesome! I agree about the bus - even on the last day we didn't take the bus until 3 pm on so I was racking up the steps. It made me feel less guilty if I had ice cream - LOL. You need to go - you live so close and I know your post would be fantastic!

  4. I've never gotten the chance to go to Vegas before. I've always wanted to go. Someday :)

    Looks like you had a great time though, and all that food just made me really hungry, hehe.

  5. I've never been to Vegas but now that I'm legal to fully enjoy it, I'm dying to go!! It looks like such a great trip! For the record - you look pretty in your plane picture, not sick :)

  6. ah sounds like the trip of a lifetime :)!

    p.s. you and the hubs are ADORABLE! xo

  7. I am a Vegas junkie. Between work and play I am there frequently. Want me to post the massive list I just sent a friend? :-)

  8. Kelly ~ Oh, you definitely need to add it ot your life list of places to visit - it's a fun experience. The food was awesome!

    K ~ Um, yeah - you need to go with some of your girlfriends and have a blast! Thanks for the compliments.

    Jenny ~ Thanks - it was fun and he definitely makes me look good :)

    C.G. ~ That's funny...I'll have to remember to email you next time or better yet, have you do a guest post to list out everything to see and do in Vegas and what to avoid :)

  9. Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  10. Ponyknit ~ Thanks - we had a blast!