Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Heart Thrive Bars!

Happy Weekend all!!! I am so pumped for today as we are going to have a blast.  I started my morning off with going to the Farmer’s Market and scoring a fun “colorful” array of fruits and veggies.  Then, it was home for a quick Gentle Hatha Yoga Session (seemed to fit the day), breakfast and we are off for our 90 minute STONE MASSAGES!  I think we are going to lunch and then to see The Proposal too after to stay cool – it’s HOT today! Yahoo…..

Before, I get onto today, I have a quick update for our late night snack ~ The Husband and I opened up a bag of the Mr. Krispers Sea Salt & Pepper ~ So good, so addicting!  I am glad you get 35 in a serving!  Don’t let The Husband’s hand fool you – he didn’t grab from my pile – he grabbed the bag LOL!


I LOVED today’s Farmer’s Market!  I wait ALL YEAR for them to come out with their “Plurines”!  It is a cross between a white nectarine and a pear – they are so crunchy, sweet and juicy.  I bought a bunch!


Along with some Pluots (cross between a plum & apricot) – so crunchy and sweet!


I stocked up on colorful organic veggies ~ bell peppers, summer squash, Armani an cucumber, lemon cucumbers and some more of those fantastic heirloom tomatoes.


I LOVE these tomatoes….Any ideas for tomato recipes because we now have a ton!


Organic Purple Green Beans ~ I am going to add lemon juice or vinegar this round to see if they keep their color.


Candy Cherry Tomatoes – we ate all of these last week by Thursday LOL!


I couldn’t wait to get home to dig into a Plurine so I had one in the car on my drive home.


Plus a Pluot when I got home.


And to round out my breakfast, I decided it was time to try an Apricot Heart Thrive Bar.

IMG_9314 IMG_9315

I LOVE the heart shapes – they make eating a bar fun!


The inside is loaded with fruit and goodness.  Not bad for 3 Weight Watcher Points!


The first bite I had it raw and then decided it would be better toasted.  It IS way better toasted so if you have them toast them!  At first I noticed the flour-i-ness of them all, but, the flavor really grew on me as I ate it.  It has an almond extract taste, not so much apricot but the flavor is good.  I really enjoyed it and definitely look forward to trying the other flavors too – YUM!

I have to share this picture with you all because our kitty seriously makes me laugh.  That mat we bought just for her so she knows to stay on it when we let her inside.  I LOVE how she sits like a panda bear to clean herself – so funny!


Alright all….I have to get in the shower so we can go get MASSAGED!

If you do TWO THINGS today, do this:

* VOTE for my nectarine raspberry sorbet over fresh fruit.

* Enter my Annie’s Mac n Cheese & BBQ Sauce Giveaway.

Have a great Saturday all – I probably won’t be back until later this afternoon/tonight!


  1. Purple green beans? Pluots? Plurines? Crazy!
    And your cat is so cute!

  2. Enjoy your massage, you lucky duck!

    p.s those goodies from the market look amazing! I love fresh produce!!!!

  3. hahaha loving that kittums photo. such a crack up! dude that cucumber is gnarly! i love the shape. those thrive bars do look amazing, i havent seen them around but i love the shape!

  4. Woah, plurines? Those sound awesome:)

  5. Love your farmers market buys! YUM! Those heart thrives sound amazing!
    <3 jess

  6. Enjoy your massages and the movie!

  7. LOL @ kitty! When our boy cat sits like that he puts a front paw between the bag legs to balance himself. We call that his 'Al Bundy' pose.

  8. what gorgeous goods! have never heard of a plurine....

  9. Fitnut ~ That is totally why I LOVE the farmer's markets - you can get some fun stuff to try!

    Hopskip ~ Awww - I could get massages all the time!

    Janetha ~ Our kitty cracks me up - she sits like that all the time. The cucumber is really sweet and cool b/c it's different.

    Ada ~ the plurines are AWESOME. I wait for them every year and would've bought more if we didn't already have a ton of fruit.

    Havefaith ~ I think everything is really awesome - my farmer's market finds and thrive bars - I can't wait to dig into it all.

    C.G. ~ Thanks - we got the massage but opted out of the movie to come home and relax before heading out again.

    Peanutbutter ~ Ohhh, I need to try that one next then.

    Danielle ~ OMG that is hilarious - it's a total Al Bundy pose!

    Lynn ~ This Saturday market is the only one I've ever found them at - they rock! This vendor combines all kinds of fruits....I think that is a good thing.

  10. arent those heart thrives the best?! i hope you have the chocolate chip one -- i INSIST you warm it in the micro and spread it with dark chocolate dreams or dark chocolate duo PB -- it's heaven on earth!

  11. Jenny ~ I do! WOW - I totally need to try that combo! YUM!

  12. OMG- your Farmer's market loot looks incredible. Yum!

    I've never seen those bars, but I'm a sucker for any food in shapes, because I'm like a four year old ;)

  13. Your farmer's market goodies look awesome! And I've never had those heart thrive bars, but they look so good. And your kitty is too funny :D

  14. I'm loving all that fresh produce!! Especially the plurine and pluot - those combos sound amazing! I've never thought of putting some types of bars in the toaster before - great idea!

  15. Rebecca ~ I LOVE our farmer's markets - they have fun produce and great deal. OMG, that is totally me - I will eat anything in a cute shape, I swear LOL.

    Anne ~ You would like the thrive bars in your parfait I am sure....I LOVE our kitty - she is a hoot.

    Susan ~ Fruit this time of year is so good. You should definitely try the bars lightly toasted - it really changes the flavor - it's good!

  16. oh i adore the heart thrive raw, mmm good stuff.

    wow look at your loot! the farmers market just makes me giddy with ideas for good food. i haven't seen the purple green beans though

  17. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag

  18. Runtofinish ~ I am going to try every bar raw and toasted to see which is best. It wasn't bad raw, but, toasted was fun. I totally agree with you about the market it always makes me want to buy more.

    Flores ~ cool - thanks for the link.

  19. Where can I buy heart thrive bars? Let me know, thanks!!

  20. Hi Caitlin,

    You can buy them online at or I've seen them sold individually at Whole Foods. Good luck finding them - let me know if you see them anywhere else.