Friday, July 17, 2009

A dinner inspired by my readers….

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew I needed a nice cool, refreshing Mocktail.  It’s over 106 degrees here today, but, does that even matter….once you get over 100 it’s just all hot, right?

I used a splash of my POM Wonderful 100% POM juice with some Perrier Fizzy water and lots of ice!


It was so good and refreshing!  I LOVE POM juice because it is 100% juice and naturally sweet.  The Husband quickly downed the rest of my two bottles :)

Then, it was time to break open the TWO fun packages I got in the mail today.  I feel like it’s my birthday lately with all the cool stuff I am getting!

The first package was from C.G. Foodie.  It was my prize for winning the June Mystery Ingredient Challenge with my Filet Mignon in a Strawberry Mushroom Marsala Sauce over Chive Butter Noodles.


* A super cute card, fun mug that was stuffed with TEA, tea mix-ins, lots of bars and a high fiber vitamin lollypop (interesting!).  LOVE it – Thanks, C.G!

Next up, was a package that I was completely not expecting!  Hikari – YOU ROCK!!!!!  I noticed last week that Hikari at Sonoma Crisps updated her blog and raved about the new Raisin Crunches!  I already thought they were fabulous as they were, but, they added CINNAMON and took out the wheat flour.  The ENTIRE BAG is STILL only 2 Weight Watcher Points!

IMG_9264 IMG_9265 

I couldn’t resist breaking open a package right then and there.  I “almost” didn’t get a container, but, I remembered my rule to never eat straight from the bag.  OMG – these are SOOO AMAZING – I LOVE the new mix.  The hint of cinnamon really makes them that much better.  They remind me a little of Raisin Bran, I think.  They are crunchy and “pop” when you bite into them.  I do have to warn you all though – they are highly addictive.  I am definitely going to have to stock up on these!!!


I couldn’t figure out why I have been craving Chicken-less Nuggets and BBQ sauce, but, then I remembered I have been reading ALL YOUR fantastic comments on how you will use the Annie’s BBQ sauce.  So, tonight’s dinner, I decided to make based on what you all have been recommending!  I broke out some of these and heated up the house (ugh – not my brightest moment!)

IMG_9269 IMG_9270    

While the “nuggets” cooked, i made up a BIG salad loaded with a lot of crunch and flavors.

IMG_9277 IMG_9278

In the mix:

* Romaine

* Fresh Corn

* Shredded Carrots

* Cucumber slices

* Green Onions

* Tillamook colby cheddar

* Red Bell Pepper

* Cherry Tomatoes


* Raisin Crunch!!!

For dressing, I decided to take your recommendations and top my salad with some fantastic BBQ sauce!

All dressed up with some Annie’s Sweet & Spicy BBQ sauce ~ YUM!!!!

IMG_9281 IMG_9285

Ok ~ so the funny thing about this salad is that I didn’t tell The Husband that the chicken nuggets were “chicken-less”.  He ate them but said they sure didn’t taste too good like real nuggets :D  I thought they were good LOL….He just saw me typing this ~ woops!

After dinner we took a little drive……for something cool and something fun!

I think whenever the temperature is over 100 degrees there is a definitely need for a 3 Weight Watcher Point Low-Fat Vanilla Ice cream cone!


We also picked up a little scratcher fun too!  No worries, I won’t be retiring tomorrow – I only won another $2 ticket *sigh!



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Alright all ~ I am off to relax with The Husband and read my Body For Life book ~ so far I am completing digging it! Thanks for the recommendation Janetha!

See you all tomorrow morning after my run and before our STONE MASSAGES!!


  1. glad you are liking the book :) that salad is EPIC!!!!! minus any raisin business, of course ;)

  2. Ooh that POM spritzer sounds so good! I've seen them around the blogs before, and they look delicious. Your package is so cute, and I love that salad! The raisin crunch sounds yummy :)

  3. I can't wait to try a POM spritzer! Definitely on my list of to-trys! What is raisin crunch? Is it like crunchy cereal balls of raisins? Looks interesting!

    Yay for packages! I love them too! Have a great weekend sweets!


  4. LOL about NOT telling the husband the nuggets were chicken-less. Sounds like something that I would do just to see if he'd notice, my husband is FIRMLY in the carnivore category.

  5. Just found your site from the Myrecipes contest, congrats!! I love your mocktail idea...I will be trying that for sure! And where did you get that 3pt ice cream cone???

    Great blog! :)

  6. That sounds like a fave BBQ chicken salad of mine! what a fab idea to top it with chickenless nuggets!!

    McD's ice cream cone? Awesome!!

  7. Your salad looks AMAZING!

    Glad you enjoyed the package. The lollies were sold at the tournament I was at last month. They are like 43 calories or something plus a ton of fiber.

  8. Janetha ~ It's a good read - really motivational! The salad rocked raisin crunches and all :)

    Anne ~ I LOVE spritzers - they are so refreshing when it's hot out.

    Hopskip ~ They are slow dried raisins that are puffed up and super crunchy. They are lighter than cereal crunch, but, totally fun to eat.

    Danielle ~ The Husband is totally a carnivore too - sneaky it in is the only way I can get him to try it. I usually don't tell him though :)

    Aggie ~ Yeah - so glad you found me and welcome! Glad to have you as a reader. The ice cream cone is from McDonald's - nothing fancy but so good and only 3 pts. It's the only thing I eat from there but it's one of my favorite treats.

    Heyitstay ~ I've never used BBQ sauce as salad dressing, but, I definitley need to more often - it was awesome. The chickenless nuggets made the salad healthier too.

    C.G ~ Thanks again for the package - it's fun! I will have to tell you what I think of the healthy lolly :)