Saturday, July 18, 2009

Massages make me want to do nothing…..

Can I just say our massages were FANTASTIC?! Ok, well I LOVED mine, The Husband said his was just ok.  They used hot towels and hot stones throughout the entire 90 minute massage complete with chocolate body butter on our hands and feet ~ ahhh! 

After our massages we were both pretty hungry, so we went to one of The Husband’s favorite sandwich places, Buckhorn’s Grill.  He LOVES their aged, smoked, grilled tri tip and today I decided to join in on the fun instead of getting my usual Yik Yak salad.

I started off with my side salad with an amazing Honey Basil Vinaigrette.  I need to try to replicate this dressing – it rocked!


I ordered the Big Buck because I knew I’d be giving 1/2 the sandwich and meat to The Husband.  He can seriously eat a whole tri tip himself.  I had 1/2 this sandwich with 1/2 the meat removed so I could save room for……


SWEET POTATO FRIES!  I had 1/2 of these and probably a couple more ~ straight up, dipped in ketchup and dipped in BBQ sauce – LOVED THEM!


The Husband wasn’t up for a movie so we decided to come back and just relaxed.  I am so completely relaxed now that i feel like doing nothing.  I did have a chance to finally catch up on all your blogs and now I am off to read a little bit before we head out to our friends for a Poker Tournament – yeah!

* VOTE for my nectarine raspberry sorbet over fresh fruit.

* Enter my Annie’s Mac n Cheese & BBQ Sauce Giveaway.

I am still not hungry so not sure what dinner will be!  See you all in the morning and remember to


  1. I loooooove massages! That sounds so phenomenal!

    Love those sweet potato fries!

    *fingers crossed for the recipe contest*

  2. m'mm sweet potato fries and massages - you are livin' the life girl!

  3. I want a massage so bad! Glad you got to enjoy yours :)

    Those sweet potato fries look yummy! The only kind i've ever had are homemade so I bet the restaurant ones are super good!

  4. Massages and sweet potato fries? Sounds like the perfect day to me!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words:)

  5. Oh man... what a great day... fries, hot stones, and I just voted for you!

  6. My carnivore of a boyfriend loves Buckhorn's Grill.

    Glad you enjoyed your massage! You deserve it!!!!

  7. Ooh I love massages. Those sweet potato fries look awesome, too. Sounds like a fabulous day!

  8. glad you enjoyed your sausage! i mean massage!

  9. wow those sweet potato fries look heavenly!

  10. Hmmm...I think I might have to treat myself to a massage for my upcoming birthday. It's been far too long since I've had one.

  11. Danica, you are so lucky you got a massage! I love getting pampered, but hate having to pay so much for it! The eatery you went to afterwards looks pretty yummy - I am a huge fan of sweet potato fries.. *drool*

  12. Marisa ~ I KNOW - I was thinking that as we got our massages. I need to make it a regular thing. Thanks for the good luck on the contest!

    Jenny ~ It was a fantastic day for sure!

    April ~ Your home versions are probably healthier but these fries were phenomenal.

    Ada ~ Yup - it was a fantastic day all around!

    Rebecca ~ Awww - you just made my day that much better too!

    C.G. ~ So funny - I tried getting him to go somewhere else but he doesn't usually get to go to Buckhorn's so my idea was vetoed. :)

    Anne ~ Me too!

    Janetha ~ OMG you remember LOL - we both just cracked up when I read your comment - our sausages were fantastic!

    Peanut Butter Swirl ~ they were amazing. I could've easily eaten them just for my meal.

    Danielle ~ Ummm, ya, birthdays are a must for pampering - you've earned it ALL year :)

    Krissy ~ I totally agree about paying for it...but for 90 minutes plus stones it was totally worth it to me!

  13. Yay for massages!

    And girl, I'm SO glad you found room for the sweet tater fries, coz they are the diggity! Love your blog. :)

  14. Erin ~ Awww - thanks for the comment on my blog - glad you like it. I think there is always room for sweet taters - YUM!