Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mammarella’s ~ The Tomato is OPEN!

I tried holding out all morning without an AM snack, but, it didn’t work.  I was starving, stomach growling and knew that I needed to have something BEFORE we went to the new Italian place or I’d eat way too much.  I opted for 2 Ak Mak Whole Wheat Sesame crackers topped with 1 Lite Laughing Cow Wedge and 1 Tsp Natural Apricot Preserves – Delish and only 2 Weight Watcher Points!


The “buzz” is ALL about the new place that just opened up around us on Monday.  We work in a huge business district, but, honestly there is only ONE food place – crazy, huh?!  Mammarella’s is actually owned by the really big wine company ~ Francis Ford Coppola.  They did a great job at making it look super cute!  I LOVE the Tomato Awning and the cute tables you can sit at outside.  Since we sat outside, I didn’t take any pictures of the inside – oops!


Three of us went so we could sample and share away ~ My kind of dining!  They have the coolest collection of little plates that they bring out for you to serve your eats up on.  I LOVE them and wish I could’ve taken them with me :D

We started off with the BEET Salad “endive, haricot verts, pistachios, goat cheese toss in an Orange Vinaigrette” however we subbed the Goat Cheese for Parmesan.


This salad was AMAZING!  I LOVED how sweet and roasted the beets were with the salty, crunchiness of the pistacios and the parmesan.  I will definitely order this again!


Next up was good old fashioned Mamma Coppola’s Lasagna “fresh pasta sheets, ricotta, parmesan, parsley mozzarella, pomodoro sauce”

I LOVED the fresh pasta in the lasagna and to me it had the perfect balance of sauce with a TON of Cheesiness!  I had this plate times TWO (these plates are small like saucer plates).


The last entree we ordered was their Vegetarian (and quite possibly VEGAN if I knew what was in the crust) Pizza ~ One For the Heart “tomato sauce, roasted eggplant, onions, mushrooms & kalamata olives”


At first we thought they left the cheese off the pizza, but, then when we looked at the ingredients we saw it wasn’t listed.  This pizza had so much flavor – especially with the BIG Kalamata olives and roasted eggplant.


I had two slices and pondered eating more just for THAT crust :)


But, I remembered we ordered desserts to try too!  After all, what kind of reviewer would I be without testing out ALL aspects :D LOL….  The first dessert was Tiramisu


I had a super thin slice and quickly passed it off to my two co-workers before I could decide I wanted more :)  I LOVED the cream filling ~ it tasted like a combination of cream cheese frosting with whipped frosting with a subtle hint of coconut (I am guessing that is the alcohol part).


We had to order the Gia Nipotina Mia after hearing what it is made of.  Pizza dough + Nutella + Banana – baked and topped with cocoa and powdered sugar!!!!  They couldn’t find their bananas today, but, that didn’t stop us – just bring on the Nutella and the bread.


I had TWO slices like this that honestly left me speechless!  It didn’t even need the banana although I am sure it would’ve been fantastic with it.  SO GOOD!  I heart Nutella!


They also give you these cute little “Italian” candies – I had “Limone” as my afternoon snack.  I wasn’t hungry but I wanted something sweet.


It was a fun day trying out the new place that we can WALK to and eat outdoors in the sunshine.  Did I mention they serve breakfast too?!  I might have to check it out sometime.

Coming up next, one of my BEST salad recipes with Home Ranch EVER!


  1. Oh how I love tiramisu, but that other dessert might be even better (love Nutella).

  2. ahhh tiramisu!! my boyfriend! haha.. so good. that place looks amazingggg

  3. That place looks AWESOME!!!! Is it in California? I must find it! Yum!

  4. Danielle ~ I agree with you on Nutella - EVERYTHING is good with Nutella :)

    Janetha ~ I LOVE this place and definitely will go back.

    C.G. ~ Yup it is in Cali - one in San Fran and One in Napa - you can click the links above to find the one closest to you :)

  5. Mmm! You're making me crave beets!

  6. You know I NEVER used to like beets my whole life, but, I've discovered they can rock when roasted and in fancy salads.

  7. great review, what are the hours. do they do dinner?

  8. Anonymous ~ They are open M-F 730am - 400 pm. So I am not sure they do dinner unless it's an early one. If you have Facebook you can find out more about them including their daily specials on their wall.

    Good luck - I think you will love this place when you try it.