Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Facebook & FREE Starbuck’s Ice Cream!

For those who have a Facebook account (no, I am not one of them, but, I had a friend test it lol), you can score a FREE PINT of the NEW Starbuck’s Ice Cream.

All you have to do is log on to Facebook, Click Allow and Click Share.  They give away 833 EVERY  hour with the next batch going up at 3 PM…..just a few minutes.

Here is the link with all the details!



  1. oh i saw this on FB but they were all out the hour i tried. haha.. i should try again, but that might be bad...

  2. free, ice cream, & starbucks in the same sentence?! i'm in!

  3. YUMMMMAYYY! thanks for the tip!!!

  4. Janetha ~ Definitely, hope you score a coupon!!!

    Jenny ~ I KNOW - it "almost" made me sign up for Facebook, but, I dont' need another site to maintain LOL.

    Baylee ~ No problem - good luck!