Thursday, July 2, 2009

I LOVE Peanut Butter!!!!

My lunch yesterday did a fantastic job at keeping me full all afternoon.  I had another FANTASTIC package waiting for me at home when I stopped to get The Husband.  The peeps at PB&Co sent me some PB LOVE and sent the TWO flavors I have not yet tried.  Maybe it had something to do with being “in love” with a Jar of PB – I am SOOOO excited to try these – check them out!


Mighty Maple = PB plus Maple Syrup – YUM – I have been totally wanting to try this flavor!!!!  Check out the stats!


And The Bees Knees – PB with Honey one of my favorite combinations ever especially on a banana!  I LOVE the name too – seriously – I think it makes me want to eat it just because of the name!


Thanks PB&Co ~ I am beyond excited that I officially have all their flavors that I can now put on a rotation.  I think I am in PB heaven!!!

Dinner on the other hand was less exciting.  We were running late so we had to find something you can eat in the car as we drove.  I ended up with a grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard sauce.  It was pretty tasty and filling.  I had brought a baggie of cherries but didn’t end up eating them.


When I picked up the Starbuck’s drinks & treats for my hair dresser, I got a decaf iced Americano – Wow – these are soooo coffee strong.  I think i could double the water next time.


So did you all know you can get a discount at Starbuck’s?!  They are currently running the Summer Drink Promotion where if you buy a drink the morning (like I did at lunch) and get a receipt you can get an afternoon drink (after 2 PM) – any GRANDE beverage for only $2.

It was a fun day all in all, but, I have to admit I feel like I was missing out on my fruits and veggies.  I need to make it a point to make up for it tomorrow.


  1. ah, so jealous of the mighty maple! I cannot get it here and sounds so amazing :)

    i love their dark chocolate and cinnamon raisin ones.

  2. I love the summer Starbucks deal. I clapped this morning when they said it was back (and then pointed out they had been missing me).

    The maple is good with bacon on a sandwich. No joke! We had it in NYC at their store. Yum :-)

  3. just a warning - you WILL become addicted to mighty maple! I havent tried bees knees yet, can't find it anywhere! but i'm sure it will not disappoint :)

  4. haha when i saw the title i got excited b/c i LOVE peanut butter TOO! but GAH! mighty maple! i have been scouring the stores for that stuff. i must find some! yummmmy!

  5. YUM I wish some PB&CO PB would magically appear on my door step. :)

  6. Mighty Maple was one of my FAV PB&Co. flavors! It's so good :)

  7. Love PB & Co! Those flavors are major delicious. I ordered them online cause they don't have them in stores here--they're so good!

  8. I love the Mighty Maple--might be my fave. I haven;t yet tried the Bee's Knees or the spicy one--they're on my "to-do" list.

  9. Brandi ~ I am excited to try it because I cannot get any of these out here.

    C.G. ~ That's funny - my Starbuck's used to know me too! LOL....I can see that maybe tasting good - sweet, salty, creamy - I think Elvis Prestley used to eat his sandwiches that way, right?

    Jenny ~ Thanks for the warning...maybe I should wait to try it :)

    Janetha ~ if I ever can find it, you know I am sending it your way for sure! Thanks to your fantastic care package that made me fall in LOVE and I am officially hooked on pb&co pb :)

    Danielle ~ I have to say, it was a fantastic surprise!

    K ~ Wow, that says alot that you liked it over the cinnamon raisin!

    Anne ~ I have a feeling that is going to happen to me - once I find run out, I'll be ordering more to feed my addiction.

    Broccoli ~ I LOVE that you have a pb "to-do" list :)