Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I wish every day could start out like this….

Happy Tuesday all! Is that all, really, it’s only Tuesday…..It feels like it should be AT LEAST Wednesday.  I had the chance to start my day off in a different way today and all I have to say is that I wish EVERY day could start out like this.   This week was my turn to pick up the Farmer’s Market Goodies for work and since everyone is always gone on Fridays, I picked today. 

First though I was a good wife and brought The Husband as Starbuck’s since he had to go into work at 3 AM.  I couldn’t resist getting a Venti Non-Fat Decaf Latte with Caramel Drizzle on top.  It is similar to a caramel macchiato but it has less calories since I leave out the fake tasting sugary vanilla syrup.


Next, it was off to the Tuesday Farmer’s Market….I specifically went to this one because the Bolani Bread boys are there…..but, *gasp* They were NOWHERE to be found.  So bummed!  I still scored some fantastic stuff for the office.

 IMG_9120 IMG_9121

White & Yellow Nectarines

White & Yellow Peaches




Asian Pears




Red & Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

Lemon Pita Chips

Wheat & White Wheat Pita bread

3 types of hummus – Roasted Red Pepper, Artichoke something and Black Bean Chipolte

Cinnamon Roll Bread

Honey Sticks

I couldn’t decide what to get so I got a little of everything.  I did miss out on getting nuts though ~ Eh, oh well!  I made up a sampler plate for breakfast.


The Blackberries are amazingly sweet!


Plus some Fantastic Organic Strawberries!


Crunchy sweet grapes!


Some veggies to round it out  ~ two types or cherry tomatoes


Wheat Pita bread with a little sample of each (ALL amazing – The Hummus Guy might be my new favorite!) plus one gigantic lemon pita chip.  Yep, I ate hummus before NOON!


The Cinnamon Roll Bread was hot out of the oven when I got it.  She brought it straight to the market and didn’t even have me close the bags.  So doughy, sweet and good.  I actually went back for another 1/2 piece – YUM!  I cannot even describe how good this bread was even with the big chunks of raw sugar on top!


I will be snacking on all of this all morning ~ such a fun breakfast.  I LOVE sampler plates! 

Quick recap for yesterday & because I need to get back to posting these:

2,769 calories burned

11,705 steps taken!


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I have a ton of stuff to get done today plus I am heading out to lunch with my co-worker who forgot her lunch.  It’s going to be completely hot again today over 100 degrees, but, I will fit in a workout at some point.  I am wishing now I did the 530 am water aerobics!

Have a great day all ~ see you all late this afternoon!


  1. Dontcha just love Farmer's Markets? Here in Wisconsin that's one of my fave parts of summer..all the fresh fruits and veggies... looks like you racked up Love the Post!

  2. man, you got some great stuff! that cinnamon bread does sound awesome.

  3. YUM I love cinnamon swirl bread. I could seriously sit and eat a whole loaf in a sitting.

  4. I love farmers markets. Yum :-)

    And Starbucks. Double Yum.

    I expect to see a post later showing how you used your "treat receipt" after 2pm :-)

  5. you are a stepping machine! mmm hummus, good at ANY hour! hummus on eggs, anyone? and cinnamon swirl bread could likely be the death of me, i love it too much!

  6. Hummus for breakfast is awesome!

    What a great FM score - I wish I worked with you!

  7. That sampler plate looks INCREDIBLE!! I want the cinnamon bread :)

  8. any day that starts off with starbies sounds perf. to me :)

  9. Princess ~ I totally LOVE Farmer's Markets - I go through withdrawals during the off season.

    Brandi ~ Thanks, I did score a ton of great stuff - I felt like I was buying everything, yet, there was still so much I didn't buy.

    Danielle ~ I can only have it when I have to share with others or I will do just that! It's soooo good!

    C.G. ~ I was nice - I gave The Husband the "treat" receipt so he could one this afternoon.

    Janetha ~ Hmmm, I've never tried that combo but I can see it being pretty good.

    Marisa ~ Thanks - it would be fun working together.

    K ~ it was awesome even if I didn't finish it all. I can mail you some cinnamon bread you know :)

    Jenny ~ how true it is!