Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We won a Whole Foods Gift Card!!!

Just call me Bond, James Bond, Agent 007 and I had a side kick on today’s Mission.  The prize up for grabs was a $25 gift card to Whole Foods……The mission…..to tag as many Annie’s Natural Products with promotional coupons that everyone can enjoy….snap a picture and submit it in a top secret email disclosing our location. (BTW ~ Check out those SUPER SALES PRICES on Annie’s loot!!!  Make a note to stock up because it’s the prime season and the discounts are everywhere!)


We made a special stop at lunch to “tag” the suspects and guess what ~ We won, we won!!!!  How cute is the little bag that the gift card comes in…..We cannot wait to hit up the salad bar at Whole Foods for FREE~ woohoo!


We were obviously famished after having such a big task!  We popped over to BuckHorn’s Grill for a fantastic Yik Yak Salad “An oriental salad with south of the border flair; a crisp mix of greens, cabbages, jicama, red peppers, snow peas, tossed with sweet sesame dressing & topped with toasted almonds”.  LOVE this salad but I could only finish about 2/3’sof it with a few bites of the tortilla.


I think we have come to the conclusion that all afternoons need to include some Gourmet Peanut Butter!!!  Today we broke out our 4 jars of PB and topped some chocolate wafer cookies.  I selected PB LOCO’s Chocolate Chip Cookie dough as my topper, but, I may have snuck a small spoon of the Dark Chocolate Duo or the Cocoa Banana too!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Ok, well, the cookie wasn’t as good as topping a Dove Dark Chocolate, but, it wasn’t too bad!


Today flew by and I STILL have so much to do.  I am not sure of the plans for dinner tonight but it is definitely going to be something that is cool and doesn’t heat up the house.  I have to rummage the freezer and pantry.

See you all later ~ I am hoping to have some special posts ready to go for you all to check out tonight – yeah!


  1. So cool! Yay for free Whole Foods. :)

  2. woo congrats on the win girl -- why do i have a feeling you are going to do some major damage with that giftcard??! ;)

  3. Congrats on winning. I love the Whole Foods salad bar. Enjoy :0)

    (and share pictures of course!)

  4. Danielle ~ I LOVE Whole Foods so the gift card was the perfect prize to me (well, aside from a TJ's card).

    Jenny ~ Thanks - yup, I am making a super salad for sure!

    The Actor's Diet ~ it's cool when they host these contests and I LOVE helping get the coupons out.

    C.G. ~ Definitely - they have the best salad bar and the pictures of it always look fantastic :)

  5. CONGRATS!! That's the foodie jackpot! Can't wait to see your salad bar creation :)

  6. woohoo woohoo! nice job on winning! ok and i got a WF GC for xmas last year and i was DYING over how cute the little bag was!

  7. yeah, kudos on the speed shopping and winning!!

  8. Janetha ~ Thanks! You know the funny part is that I am probably going to keep the little gift bag because it's soooo cute!

    Runtofinish ~ Thanks - it was fun!