Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Creative “freezer” leftovers

I headed to the gym today for lunch ready to hop on the treadmill.  I did 4:1 run:walk intervals for 30 minutes with a warm up and cool down before heading back to work for a “spicetastic” lunch!

Today I took the other half of my Channa Masala from Trader Joe’s, added a chopped organic light green zucchini


and poured it over 1 cup of Trader Joe’s Frozen Organic Brown Rice


I topped it with a little green onion and cilantro for color…..


Then mixed it up all ~ it was fantastic!  I think I might like it better this way versus eating it with Naan TJ’s product and will definitely get it again!


I added some more color with a bunch of organic cherry tomatoes.


This was the perfect lunch to power me through all my afternoon meetings.


My afternoon sweet tooth kicked in and I snagged a few vanilla and cinnamon cookies from the breakroom.  LOVE the Vanilla – they taste just like the kind with cream in the middle, only there is no cream.


I ended up working late then rushing home to try to get dinner for The Husband before he had to go to bed.  He goes to bed around 6 pm lately since he has to be at work at 3 am.  He was trying to stay up to wait for me so I just grabbed Subway on the way home.  I originally asked for a flatbread, but, they didn’t have it.  I settled for a Turkey/Ham Sandwich on 9-grain honey oat loaded with all the veggies, fat free Honey Dijon and AVOCADO!


And a handful of Salsa Sun Chips!  I am a chip person when it comes to sandwiches, I LOVE sticking them in the middle for added crunch.


All together with a Perrier fizzy water and a BIG pluot that I didn’t eat.  I might have it later but I have a feeling I am going to join The Husband in bed soon.  I need to get a good 8 hours of sleep!


Coming up next…..My next giveaway ~ it’s everything you need for a fantastic summer meal!


  1. Your lunch looks great!

    I totally want one of those cookies :-)

  2. I LOVE sticking chips into my sandwich too! Soo good.

  3. lol at the spam! think i'll go click that "automobile injuries" link :p

    Anyway, your lunch looks delicious, and those cherry tomatoes are so vibrant and colorful :)

  4. I've never done the whole chip in a sandwich thing - I feel like I missed a vital childhood moment ;) I'll have to give it a go one of these days!

  5. i used to put chips on my sammies all the time -- fritos on tunafish was my favorite! fancy, eh?

  6. C.G. ~ Lunch was fantastic and so were the cookies!

    Heyitstay ~ seriously, it is the best way to have a sandwich.

    Faisal ~ sorry, but, I have to delete that spam post - booo..... :)

    Anne ~ OMG you are a hoot - I was pondering which one I should click too - I should leave it for fun. The tomatoes are awesome!

    K ~ I can't believe you have never had chips in your sandwich - you seriously need to go do that now.

    jenny ~ oh, so fancy, jen! I never tried that combo - I should :)