Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Healthy BBQ BLTA Wrap….

Tonight’s dinner was all about super fast and exactly what The Husband requested.  I LOVE it when I can modify a fattier recipe to make it healthy and have him LOVE it all the same!  I replace the “mayo” with a healthier fat in avocados and swap out the fatty bacon (even center cuts are not so good) for 97% Minimally Processed Turkey Bacon.  For my VEGANISH friends, make this using Fakin’ Bacon and I guarantee you will LOVE it just the same!

Here is everything you need to whip up a fast, healthy BLTA in under 10 minutes!


* Organic Mixed Greens

* Trader Joe’s 3-Seeded Bread (I LOVE this bread, have you noticed?)

* Avocado

* Big Tomato, I am using one of the Heirlooms I got at the Market

* Trader Joe’s 97% Fat Free Turkey Bacon ~ Make it VEGAN by using Fakin’ Bacon

* Freshly Ground Pepper

I decided to take my BLTA a step further and use these 8-Grain VEGAN Wheat Tortillas that I get at the Farmer’s Market.


And add a little Annie’s Organic Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce.


I started out by toasting my tortilla a little and topping it with a 1/4 sliced avocado & freshly ground pepper.


Then, I added my tomato slices & Annie’s BBQ Sauce.


Plus 2 slices of TJ’s turkey bacon that I cooked in the microwave ~ 1 minute per slice to get it nice and crispy!


Wrap it up and enjoy ALL 6 WEIGHT WATCHER Points of goodness!


I had my “lettuce” on the side since I forgot to put it in the wrap LOL.  I added a few cherry tomatoes and drizzled it with balsamic vinegar (after the picture of course).


All together with a POM Spritzer, it was a completely filling and satisfying dinner!


After dinner, I had the chance to open up my “fun mail’!  Nicole from Time, Inc. hooked me up with THE COOLEST Thank You package for posting my interview with Anne Cain.  The MyRecipes.com people are just so nice ~ they didn’t have to send me any Thank You gifts as I thought it was such an honor just to be able to host the interview!  Yeah!!!  Just another reason why I LOVE MyRecipes.com

Some heavy duty, stainless steel MyRecipes.com measuring cups!


A reusable MyRecipes.com Grocery Bag that folds up and snaps!


A Real Simple Apron!


A fun Birthday Calendar, Real Simple Organizing 3xt cards and a VERY COOL Mouse Pad Todo list organizer.  The top is your mouse pad and the todo list organizer is a tablet that you slide out to use – Fun!

The prettiest Wooden Card Box too!  The Husband said this is a Southern thing, but, I am not sure – is it??  Either way I totally LOVE it and it is our house colors too – yeah!


Here is everything all together – LOVE it!!!  Thanks, Nicole ~ You ROCK – I LOVE it all and cannot wait to use it!!!


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Keep sending the LOVE for my Nectarine Raspberry Sorbet over Fresh Fruit – Click HERE to VOTE!

I am off to spend a little time catching up on your comments, blogs and reading/relaxing a bit!

Have a great night ~ See you all in the morning for a Berry-licious breakfast!


  1. I LOVE "healthifying" recipes and I think I would actually like your wrap better than the original! Isn't it great when that happens?

  2. What a nice goodies package. Very useful.

  3. I think the addition of avacado in any sandwich is just devine.

    BLT's are such a qunitessential summer meal, especially with big juicy fresh tomatoes!

    I love the wrap idea. Wraps are so much more fun to eat.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week darling!

  4. Love that BLT! What a great idea. Avocado in any wrap is a delicious add-in!
    <3 jess

  5. I love that you added an avocado! Sounds great :)

  6. Yum, that dinner looks delish! I definitely have to try adding BBQ sauce to my wraps:)

  7. I can't even remember the last time i had a BLT -- thanks for the recipe, girl :) (i feel like i say that a lot ;)!!)

  8. What a fun MyRecipes gift!! I'm not a mayo girl so using avocado is great!

  9. Sounds like a delish meal and some fun accessories from Real Simple!

  10. I love healthifying recipes too. Looks delish, I'm also a huge avocado fan too! Have you ever tried bacon basil and mayo? Fresh basil is awesome in a sandwich! I'm sure the avocado would fit right in. Great stuff from Real Simple! That was so nice of them!

  11. I agree--tomato, avocado, and (tempeh) bacon are the perfect combo!

  12. what fun goods! i love real simple stuff.

  13. Rachel ~ I think you are write - I am really digging wraps lately and healthifying any recipe is fun.

    Theskinnyplate ~ I am excited about my goodies - can't wait to use them.

    Lauren ~ What produce is in season like tomatoes it totally makes the sandwich!

    Havefaith ~ I think I could add avocado to anything and LOVE it!

    Peanut butter - it is - you should try it!

    Eve - I LOVE how fast it was to make for how good it tasted.

    Ada ~ The BBQ made it really tasty - like a BBQ bacon wrap - YUM!

    Jenny ~ You need to have one soon - they are amazing. Glad I can give you a bunch of recipes to try or collect :)

    K ~ I don't like mayo at all either and avocado keeps it from being too dry (especially when using bread).

    Emily ~ It was good all the way around :)

    Ponyknit ~ Ohh - I need to try that. I never thought about it but I bet basil is amazing in this!

    Caroline ~ I know, I need to try tempeh one day - I am just "scared" :) LOL

    The Actor's Diet - I heart Real Simple and MyRecipes.com too!